Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mitthi Daal (Sweet Daal)

I learnt this recipe from my mother who is very good at cooking. This daal preparation is very good by itself especially during winter season when it is cold. It can also be eaten with white rice or chapati. Here is what you will need:
1.5 cups moong daal 1/2 tablespoon ginger and garlic paste 5 green chilis 1/4 cup cilantro Half onion sliced thinly Roast the daal on a pan on medium to low heat for about 5 mins. Soak moong daal in sufficient water, add chopped green chilis, cilantro and ginger and garlic paste. Stir all together and let it cook on medium heat until daal is softened. After cooled down grind to a smooth paste. Add water to make a soup like consistency. Add cilantro more for garnish. Shallow fry onion in some oil until golden brown. Add the onion to the dal and stir. Dal is ready.

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